You’re wearing so many hats, and working so many hours. It’s all part of scaling your business. Put your marketing in the hands of a team that understands all that you do. The Group's President, Heidi Erdmann, built teams, strategies, and programs from the ground up for the “startup” divisions of leading technology companies including Constant Contact and Plus she's an entrepreneur herself. This unique mix of expertise means we can help you:

Structure and build your marketing team
Is your marketing team set up to scale? Trust experts to design roles that make sense for your business and then hire, onboard, coach, and mentor a best-in-class marketing team. 

Collect authentic audience and competitive insights
Has a new round of funding propelled you into growth mode? Are you launching a new product or service? Now is the time to develop and centralize your positioning, messaging, competitive research, and personas. 

Go to market strategies that drive trials, leads, revenue, and engagement
There are marketing "must haves" for every business, whether it's positioning and text for your website, content pieces like ebooks or infographics, email workflows, online ads & landing pages, videos, social media, event strategies, or customer nurture campaigns. All of these pieces should all be part of a cohesive strategy and plan that will move the needle for your unique business.

Empower your Sales, Account Management, or Partner teams
Are teams selling on your behalf? Give them the tools they need to engage prospects and customers - whether that's collateral, videos, presentations, custom promotions, social selling, direct mail, targeted events, or product training.

Identify the right technology
Did you know there are over 6,000 marketing technology tools on the market! We'll can help you select the email platform, CMS,  social media, and related reporting tools to set you up for success.