massachusetts marketing mentors

Looking to network with fellow female marketing phenoms in Massachusetts?

You’ve come to the right place. We’re a unique kind of networking group.

We get together 1x a month in Newburyport and Boston for business card swapping and schmoozing, followed by an in-depth, structured discussion. The meetings are intentionally small to ensure quality conversations.

Or join our very active Slack group! Members offer advice and ask for advice on a variety of topics - careers, marketing technology, strategy…and more.

Here’s what our members say about our group:

  • “This is a safe space for women in marketing to share challenges and discuss creative approaches and solutions. It's not about networking for the sake of networking.” - Zoe, Director of Digital Marketing

  • “I was pleasantly surprised by the level of experience around the table. These are serious players with a real depth of knowledge and something to share.” - Paula, VP of Marketing

  • “Great group of smart women who are eager to share their stories, advice and support!“ - Misty, E-commerce Manager

  • “I enjoyed the friendly conversation with an accomplished group of women and the supportive dynamic of the group“ - Andrea, Market Intelligence Manager

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About Heidi Erdmann and Massachusetts Marketing Mentors…

In full disclosure, I’m a marketing consultant with my own agency. My clients are marketers. But this is NOT a ploy to generate new business. It’s coming from a genuine desire to connect smart women to other smart women so we can help each other.

Since I started my agency, I’ve spoken with so many female marketing phenoms - former direct reports, colleagues, clients, or friends - who are struggling.

One day in early January I was flat on my mat at the end of a grueling hot yoga class. Instead of drifting into the prescribed meditative state, I reflected on the challenges we face as women in our profession. Plus, the New Year, which had me thinking, “How can I do more good in 2019?” The idea for this group just came to me! Shanti, shanti, ommmm, shanti.

When we connect as a group, I’ll share the little and big lessons I learned building and leading marketing divisions within established companies including and Constant Contact, as well all that I’m seeing now as a consultant.

Questions? Feel free to connect with me via email or LinkedIn. I’m looking forward to meeting you!